Femke Gardelein

I'm a communication student at Thomas More University in Mechelen, Belgium

About Me

About Me

  • Name: Femke Gardelein
  • Website: www.femkegardelein.com
  • Phone: +32472295462
  • City: Mechelen, Belgium
  • Age: 21
  • Degree: Bachelor Commmunication and Media
  • Email: femke.gardelein@gmail.com

International experiences I studied in the United States for a year, a semester in Barcelona, Spain and grew up in Belgium.

School projects As a student I work on projects with real life clients. Right now I am working on a project for VisitEstonia.

hours a day spend learning I love my bachelor and spend a lot of free time researching different ways to make a difference in the world of marketing.

Awards/certificates Celebrating Excellence, Award for Educational Excellence, PAX Certificate of Completion, The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing and many more.

Independence 98%
Social skills 85%
Creative thinking 85%
Positive attitude 80%
My Resume

My Resume


Femke Gardelein

Motivated, passionate team and goal- oriented independent worker. Studies International Communication and Media at Thomas More University of Applied Sciences. Attended high school in the United States and spent a semester in Barcelona as an international exchange student. Made great connections in both countries.

  • Heidegrond 34, 9080 Lochristi BE
  • +32 472 29 54 62
  • femke.gardelein@gmail.com


Bachelor International Communication & Media

2019 - 2022

Thomas More University of Applied Sciences, Mechelen

Erasmus program in Barcelona, Spain


Abat Oliba CEU. Barcelona, Spain

Senior year as an international student


Enfield High School, USA

Professional Experience

Interior Care Manager



  • Duties included being in charge of cleaning offices, laboratories, sanitary facilities, and others.

Catering Sales Assistant


Alma Libre, Vleeshalle Mechelen

  • Taking food and drink orders, preparing and cooking Mexican food.
  • Meeting and greeting customers, serving customers, operating the cash register.
  • Receiving payment from customers and keeping dining and kitchen areas tidy.

Floral Design Worker



  • Tasked to place raw materials into trays to aid the assembly process of the plant shoots.
  • Tasked to organize plant shoots for shipment.
  • Completing checks to ensure product quality.

John Arnold

Teacher at Thomas More

Fem has proven to be an effective and efficient student, but also a valuable colleague to her other students. She is not afraid to speak up and ask questions, especially questions that other students may have, but are uncomfortable asking. She takes in the feedback given and makes adjustments appropriately.

Ruben Verniest

Science Teacher at Sint-Jans College

Femke is a student that really shines in my class. She understands the matter quickly and helps other students if they have troubles understanding.

Mr. Schultz

Chemistry teacher at Enfield Highschool

Femke was an exchange student in my chemistry class. She was very motivated which sparked other students to be motivated as well. Her drive is undeniable.

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